Top Five: Best Franchise Crossovers

When multiple franchises mix it up, magic usually follows.


5. Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

tokyo-mirage-sessions-feIf you own a Wii U, you owe it to yourself to take this ingenious crossover for a ride. The title mixes up two popular franchises familiar to those who are in the RPG genre trenches: Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei.

The game comes into our list in our rear slot due to the fact that while it’s a visually fantastic crossover, Fire Emblem elements were mildly represented. Despite this issue, the game makes up for this shortcoming with a fantastic setting fused with a great battle system and visuals that create what is without any doubt, a special production which makes it a must-own for a system that already has a strong, but thin lineup.


4. Kingdom Hearts (Series)

kingdom-hearts_1.5Without a doubt, when casuals and hardcore gamers alike think of a crossover title, Kingdom Hearts registers in one form or another on everyone’s list.

This title takes Characters from Disney, Square Enix, and mixes an original cast that ties the entire production together with extreme style and fashion. The series spans various titles and remixes, giving fans a story that’s relished and loved.

The most memorable element to the franchise: the soundtrack. Hikaru Utada absolutely delivers on Simple & Clean, as well as Sanctuary. Of course, the rest of the series’ soundtrack does not slouch in any way, matching the fantastic atmosphere and visuals that the two companies bring to the table in the span of the game releases.

While no word on the third game’s release date has been officially confirmed, it’s almost a definite that it will continue in the line of excellence the previous titles have established.


3. Marvel vs Capcom (Series)

marvel_vs_capcom_2The release of this series, going back to X-Men vs. Street Fighter provided the template to an array of further titles that consistently pushed the limits of on-screen action.

Each fighting game in the entries added more characters, streamlined mechanics and over the top bosses that made it an easy choice to play in the arcade scene, as well as instant release day pick-ups on home console releases. While each iteration offers great gameplay evolution and roster additions, the darling of the releases usually centers around Marvel vs. Capcom 2, which boasted 56 playable characters from the Capcom and Marvel universe.

Each title is without question, timeless, giving us a glimpse of their humble beginnings, all the way into their beautiful and approachable mechanics each entry offers.


2. Capcom vs. SNK (Series)

capcom_vs_snk_2While Marvel vs. Capcom supplied us with epic fan service from two different universes, the Capcom vs. SNK series gave us the opportunity to dive into dream matches that fighting game fans could have only dreamed of.

As the title suggests, the two entries to the series (three if you want to include SNK vs. Capcom Chaos) allowed the rosters from SNK (Fatal Fury, Art or Fighting, etc.) and obviously, Capcom (Street Fighter, Rival Schools, etc.) to slug it out for the first time ever in such a setting. While the first entry sported a modest cast with a great fighting game system, the second entry pulled no punches in adding characters from both rosters to further allow fans to pit their favorite characters from the two universes against each other.

So why did this rank above the Marvel vs. Capcom series? To put simply, the project is absolutely monumental. To think that the two biggest giants in the 2D fighting game genre decided to move forward and allow their biggest characters, from their biggest franchises finally clash together at the time in which the game dropped is absolutely surreal. Unlike the case with MvC, This is a scenario where the two companies where always in heated competition, inside the same industry, consistently releasing fighting game after game that focused on obtaining the attention of fans of the genre both in the arcades and homes alike.

The risk paid off. The entries have their own technical flair that separate them from the wilder MvC crossover, with a sound roster that speaks to the soul of diehard fans, including those that patronized one company over the other.

A total dream.


1. Project X Zone (Series)

Project-X-Zone-2Welcome to the top.

Project X Zone takes the number one slot in the Top 5 entry, and if you’re familiar with the franchise, you’ll instantly understand why. This dream project takes characters from SEGA, Bandai Namco, and Capcom, and tosses you into a roller coaster ride of a story that utilizes every character quite well.

Without a doubt, the roster is absolutely sick. There’s so many characters and references to the best that the three companies have to offer, that it would take another article of it’s own to express the hard work executed to make this crossover a reality. If the prospect of these three companies crossing over spike your interest, the second entry will totally reel you in, as it sports presence from Nintendo’s Fire Emblem franchise.


If you have a 3DS and want to experience the pinnacle of what an extensive crossover roster looks like, look no further than this series.


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