Binge Watch Challenge: Making a Murderer

That shit cray. In all the wrong ways.

# of episodes: 10
Hours to completion: slightly over 10 hours
# of days used to complete: 1

The first entry into this particular feature, and I’m already starting on a fucked up path.

Everyone I know has been talking about Netflix’s Making a Murderer, so I figured since it’s been so talked about and recommended, I would give it a spin.  I’m just gonna go ahead and just get this out of the way: I don’t know if Steve Avery did it, and I’m not gonna go on a limb here and say he’s totally innocent. What I will say though, is that the situation presented in this documentary will trash your head in ways not yet explainable by any language available in Earthly dialect, be it sapien or animalia. My reason for this being, it’s a documentary about one side of a situation. Granted, it exploits just how fucked up that examined side could be, but assuming there is more to tell from the other end of the story, I’ll reserve total judgement on almost every person that was drug through the mud.

With that out of the way, Making a Murderer is one of those documentaries that can show you the power of film and documentary itself. The story told here is one that leaves you stuck in the middle, with no real certainty that what is being displayed has been skewed, of if the story about a system out to feed a man to hungry sharks is something that is an actual agency that is present in our society. Let’s go ahead and assume that nothing here was twisted though, just for fun’s sake. The entire prosecution had no case. In fact, in the 10+ hours of the documentary, all you ever get to see are prime examples of how NOT to interrogate, or conduct yourself in court or properly search a crime scene when there is a conflict of interest between a police department hell bent on making a man miserable, and said man who was falsely prosecuted and sent to jail for 18 years for a crime he did not commit. And that’s where things begin to not make sense or add up (just listen to the story of how the murder occurred and compare it to the reality of the details in the scene of the murder).

This is where I stop analyzing the case, because I don’t get paid to do that kind of thing.

Steve Avery, Making a Murderer, Netflix
A face only a mother could love.

Let’s get to the important question: should you binge it up with Making a Murderer?

Sure, why not. It will mess with your emotions. It will take you on a slow ride that ends with room for more (which I suspect may be coming seeing as the prosecution is all like “but, you didn’t get to hear our side! There’s more to all of this!”). Best part yet, this one made for some interesting background noise to, as an example, clean your house to, up until about the episodes where the trials happen, in which you will probably want to pay attention from those points onward. Each episode will take you about an hours to burn through, totaling 10 episodes for the binge completion. It’s a long ass documentary, but if you’ve ever treated yourself to anything Ken Burns, you will be able to easily stomach this. Go into this rodeo with no expectation, and with total guarantee, you’ll come out on the other side with a response. What that response will be will be up to how you perceive the entire ordeal.

All I know is, I ain’t going to Wisconsin for a damn thing any time soon, just to play life safe.

Bingeablility Rating

Final Judgement

It's definitely a different experience.

If you're a bit tired of fiction and want to binge on something that a completely different experience, take this for a ride. If you use TV time as an escape into a non-fiction world to numb the mind, stay away from this.


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