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My Real life Vs. My In-game

My REAL life.
My In-game.

Hello fellow degenerates and gamers! I’ve recently purchased and started rocking out to possibly my favorite original racing game BUT this time it’s 2015 and it’s been revised. I must say my expectations were LOW as my soul has been filled with disappointment over the years from this franchise. Time after time until finally I gave up all hope as I have done with the human race……anyway.

This is the Evil Drizzy 2015 Need For Speed review!! As some of you may or may not know I’m actually an avid AutoX and track driver, an automobile enthusiast and I race a 2003 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII. Who best to review a racing game right?

So here it is… My first NFS experience in years.

***PHENOMENAL!*** Honestly I feel this right here is what our community has been waiting for. Great gameplay, great acted story line, and great graphics. I won’t include any story info here as to avoid spoilers but you start off our story here as a new found street racer trying to make a name for yourself.

Gameplay is crisp and there is no lack in customizing your ride inside and out; everything from the cars sound system (oh no, not extra weight!) to vinyl wraps, rims, tires and the all important handling characteristics. They also got car sounds on point exhausts and blow off valves sound great!

Races are fast paced and full of trying to avoid other cars/trucks on the road and of coarse those piggies! All while earning reputation and cash to fuel your rise to stardom on the streets. as with most racing games the story mode does not last forever and at some point something will or wont fill that gap to keep you playing. For me personally its playing online with friends, Tandem drifting and running them off the road.

Need for Speed, EA, PS4, Xbox One
I got the NEED.

With that said I’m happy to say changes to the cars handling via the slide bars for things like tire pressure, sway bars, shocks, differential all really do make quite some difference and allow you to really dial in your car. Turbocharger? Supercharger? HybridCharger? Oh yeah, we have lots of things to tweak and enough options to have a real purpose built machine.

Multiplayer, well to start things off I had a hard time just figuring out how to join a crew or have someone join me, once I got passed that it was smooth sailing into the abyss of nothingness….. playing with friends as a great thing in itself but I found no real examples of anything to do that was tailored to more than one person. No real team play, just the same ol’ shit but with real people substituted for a AI.

Visual Customization is good but with the 5-6 cars I’ve had so far, there were not too many body parts to choose from, lots of stickers, paint colors and little things,  but just enough to make yourself unique. With the exception of paint, numbers, letters and a grab bag of silly things there’s not a whole lot but hey, we came here to race right? Don’t be that guy with tinted windows, lots of camber, knock off rims, some Plasti Dip and hard parking at the diner please….. I will find you and I will kill you!

There’s a few things I was not so thrilled about but hopefully will be fixed in an upcoming patch (even if they aren’t we are not talking deal breakers). Game music seemed faint and for the most part monotonous, also crew features are lacking. Something similar to a Destiny clan would be great, a way to just log in and get down with your crew maybe even some crew specific vinyl. I’d also like to see some transmission gear tweaks. Can I paint my F$%^&*! Hood please? As far as the online only aspect… well not much they can do with this one now, but I was not real happy. Sometimes I don’t want to play with loud, obnoxious kids. Sometimes I just want to sit down and play my game offline without the FEAR that servers are updating, temporarily down and/or having a bad day. Such is the way of our future. I suppose Wi-Fi has become something we can’t do without and my hopes of playing NFS in my cozy cabin on my 42″ flat screen with no cell service or internet are over. I’ll just need to break out some oldschool goodness (but that’s a whole different topic) for that trip.

Either way this game is as solid as they come as far as NFS type games and is well worth the money spent. Hot chicks, Fast cars and a NEED FOR SPEED. I’ll see you on the streets of Ventura Bay.

  • Graphical Quality
  • Style and Appearance
  • Gameplay
  • Multiplayer
  • Involvement
  • Storyline
  • Content and Replayability

In a nutshell

Solid racer with enough customization and stages to keep you busy for a while, strong but slim car lineup, weak online play. Your typical driving game BUT its great while it lasts and can be more thoroughly enjoyed with friends.

-Drizzy Out

Review based on the PlayStation 4 version of Need for Speed (2015).


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