Payday Picks: Week of 4/29/15

This is where we go from merely saving, to investing.

Disclaimer: always keep in mind, when it comes to investments, there are winners and losers. We are not responsible for your losses, but we will definitely cheer you on when it comes to your financial victories.

Let’s continue where we left off last week.

As we stated, we are not financial analysts, and we certainly recommend consulting with a financial planner if you’re too scared to take this adventure on your own. What we do know is, the tools are there for you to start doing SOMETHING for your future. Make sure you read the post in the link referenced above to get an idea of how to get started.

To most of us, Friday represents pay day. Let’s take this opportunity to pay ourselves, so that we get a nice  return for it down the line.

Payday picks:


Recommendation: Buy

Turtle Beach is definitely a brand that is embedded in gaming audio, and with stock prices this low, you can turn in a hefty gain. Historic prices on shares have gone as high as $14.75, meaning that if you scoop it up this week in the realm of $1.98 per share (as of closing day), you’re sure to turn in some serious gains from each share you pony up for, assuming the stock will regain that kind of value, which I believe it will. Think about it: with the popularity of online streaming, and competitive gaming, headsets are becoming a tool that you need. With Turtle Beach supplying this in the market, they are positioned to win for the investors.

I believe they will continue to deliver quality products that match their rivals. I say, jump on the ship before it sails.


Recommendation: Buy

This stock is a great opportunity to get your investment foot into the door of a very capable third-party company stock. Love them or hate them, Ubisoft has a very nice broad offering of games, and sooner or later, their wide array is going to yield some very nice returns. At this price ($3.63 per share as of closing day), you might as well get in on the action.


Recommendation: Pass & Watch

Speaking of good third-party companies, Konami is a stock I would say you should pass and watch, primarily because of the current rumors of corporate shake downs. My recommendation is to wait it out, and see if the price of it drops dramatically because of conflict. As it stands, the price is decent enough to buy ($$18.46 per share, as of closing day), but it can, and just might go lower once they find themselves in a difficult spot due to the rumors circling the community regarding the Kojima Productions conflict.

In all seriousness, always keep this in mind:

Scared money makes no money. You might think you’re winning by keeping it all under your mattress, and you might be right, but on our next entry, we’re going to dive into why market returns will ultimately yield better results than the interest rate many banks are offering.

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