Playstation Now: My Personal Thoughts

A lot can be said about Sony’s grand vision to experiment with the idea of streaming video games directly from the cloud servers onto your PS4 PS3 and PS Vita and even I can admit, that is a nice feature to have (assuming at the time) there would be a large library of games that can be played. Think Netflix and then you have the basic idea. Well… That was the dream and this is the reality. Playstation Now as it stands is a huge slap to the face and a potentially awesome concept turned into a money hogging black hole that if we allow it, would change the way we game and believe me it’s not for the better.

Need an example of what I’m talking about? Alright take a look at this.


Yes you are seeing that correctly: $15 to basically rent a game for 90 days but take into account that you can OWN that damn game for the same price PSN so yeah……

There is one good thing that Playstation Now will do for us gamers and that is single handedly make the PS3 much more valuable and worth keeping for many years to come (not like I was going to get rid of it in the first place). I will be taking a pass on the PS Now for the moment until I see it final pricing structure that Sony will implement and then MAYBE I will consider jumping back on board. So until then, remember gamers physical copies are always better, and that is my personal opinion.

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