Collector’s Corner: Windy Gaming and Seeking in the Unknown Places

Looking for some first class collectibles? Give Windy Gaming a look. We met this crew at this year’s Too Many Games 2014 convention, and everything in their booth was to die for. From systems, to games, to accessories and posters, they stop at nothing to supply gamers with much needed acquisitions.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the work they did for us, on demand, at the convention:

Gaming World United Studio Wall
Gaming World United Studio Wall


So this weekend I decided to take a trip into places I normally don’t venture into to find game goods.

To my shock, I managed to see and find things that I never knew I could obtain at a flea market. The problem is, I did not come away with anything worth a damn. Some of it was due to my lack of faith in buying certain things from certain places (for example, I could not test a Mortal Kombat arcade stick, so I opted not to obtain it).

Another problem: I did not bring enough cash, thinking I was simply not going to find much to begin with. I was definitely wrong.

I recommend everyone head out to your local flea markets, and clean up on games. I will more than likely show up next week, to pick up things I may want, as well as shelf fillers.

The idea of hitting these flea markets in my area was not mine, but one I took from a Facebook group I joined a few weeks ago. I noticed they were using this as a source to obtain vintage, classic gear, so I wanted to try my luck. No such thing this weekend, but I’m looking forward to see what I can dig up next weekend.

I did manage to walk away with this, for a cool $20.00:



Fifth generation, and fully working. Not a game, but not a bad pickup either.

Until next time, keep collecting.

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