Collector’s Corner: SEGA To Release Special Edition Shining Resonance… In Japan

Are you a fan of the Shining RPG series?

Well if you are, SEGA has a treat waiting for you. On December 11, 2014, they will be releasing Shining Resonance, in both a standard edition, and a special limited run.

Sure, most of us will more than likely not be able to read any of the game’s content, but this is about Collection items, and that’s where this edition delivers. The limited run will come with an exclusive and detailed statue of one of the main protagonists of the current chapter of the Shining RPG lineage. The statue is very detailed and ready to be displayed.

There is no word on whether or not this will hit State-side, so make sure you run to your local independent game shop to see if you can lock one up for your displaying purposes.

Big Boss

Big Boss

War never changes.

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