My Polygon Is Bigger Than Yours

I managed to watch the Killzone Shadow Fall Demo yesterday.

Not, bad, but I just couldn’t get terribly excited for it, and I think I know why (besides the boring tone of the presentation).

This week, we saw Sony and Microsoft emulate a battle that resembled the 16-bit war, which was a fun time in the industry for many gamers, myself included. There’s one small problem though, at least for me.

Too much talk about horse power, when we aren’t invested in the Kentucky Derby.

Graphics are great. Social interaction, fantastic. Of course we want to experience this at the highest level. However, I would love to see the focus move into fun, creative content, rather than a pissing contest over which console can display dust on environments.

Graphical detail is NEEDED; but please, lets focus on fun and originality.

In the end, this next round of gaming will be defined by content experience, not merely what it looks like. This, in my opinion, is what frustrates me the most with new console introductions.

They treat us to specs and unplayable demos, which ends up being a showcase of what may ultimately not matter.

Should there be excitement for the upcoming generation?


But let’s hold their feet to the fire. We want games, not demos.

Yea, sure, we’ve been told a million times, launch games are supposed to suck. Things will get better as more games roll out.

All true points.

I just wish there was a better approach, one that is exciting, and not so monotone.

Let’s cut out the teraflop battle. We know your systems are powerful. Let’s get to the fun.

Commence the mudslinging!

Big Boss

Big Boss

War never changes.

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