Big Boss

  • Soto the Brain tries to sell an Xbox One to Carz and Hypeman.
    We also talk a bit about the value of originality, and why a company should always strive to be what the competition is not.

    Did you enjoy our […]

  • Soto the Brain hits us with his thoughts on the Nintendo Switch announcement.

    Did you enjoy our content? Feel free to follow us across social media, and let’s continue the madness in great, fun and i […]

  • No directions necessary!

    Sometimes, you just gotta catch up, and talk about everything under the sun.

    That’s pretty much what goes down on this latest episode. No direction, no focus, no centralized topics […]

  • Do you have your TICKETS??!!

    Chris from Windy Gaming fame joins the Power Hour Podcast, and introduces us to his upcoming product that will bring the arcade to your living room.

    We talk about what a Supergun […]

  • It’s about to get EXTRA unfiltered!

    Steff0 joins the Power Hour Podcast, and just like in his first appearance, he lays down his comedic and raw commentary on us as only he knows how. We talk about childhood […]

  • It’s good to finally make our return!

    This episode explains where we’ve been, and where we are heading! We talk life, Backlog habits, and Pokemon Go!

    Easily offended? This is your time to run! For the rest […]

  • Seems like Soto is in love with Uncharted 4.
    But that’s to be expected. He’s been playing Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End  relentlessly, and should bring us a review soon. For now, We talk about Activision and EA […]

  • Seems like the majority of the crew is out watching some hokey ass Marvel movie. What does this mean for you? A classic Power Hour episode, of course! We talk to Jared Hoffa, the creator of the ingenious online […]

  • Twitch treamer and  provocateur Steffo from EOC (Extremely Offensive Commentary) gaming fame joins our hourly discussion!

    We talk Alan Wake stupidity, Ikea furniture, American beer, and a bunch of racist jokes […]

  • What Birdman really meant, was RE-SPEC. HypeMan explains.

    Hint: anyone who’s played and MMO will understand.

  • There are lessons to be learned from the drama that just unfolded from the Alison Rapp situation, and this is what Carz has concluded.

    Hint: It’s probably not what you might think.

  • We start slow, and end up in a beautiful ditch on this Power Hour Entry.

    From virtual reality, to offensive words, it’s all covered on this particular podcast. If everything triggers you, this is your time to […]

  • Here’s a hard action you’ll have to face in life at one point, or another.


    Make absolutely no false assumptions, you WILL be making compromises in your life. It’s one of those things all of […]

  • Hayter’s Gonna Hate.

    Soto the Brain talks about the David Hayer situation on this Quick Cast entry. Enjoy this rapid fire session of entertainment!

  • The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony simply displays why they are the gold standard in the industry.Rick Carz goes on a solo mission with a cup of Vodka  and talks about the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony, and the worries of […]

  • We bid farewell to Final Fantasy XI Online.

    We don’t stop there, however.  PS4k, WiiU Confusion and Popeye’s Chicken are all discussed at great detail on this Power Hour episode.

    Fair Warning: Filter free […]

  • Think you know your gaming? Let’s put your tunnel vision to the test! The rules are simple: Look at the cropped image, and NAME THAT GAME. Sure, you can use Google image search to cheat, but you wouldn’t do that, right?

    Ten questions, and all the time you need.

    Let the games begin.

    Right or wrong, the choice is yours.

  • The Two Live Crew returns to hold down the Power Hour Podcast. Carz and HypeMan talk all things that make you distrust critics, as well as slamming the door on click bait and more importantly, the genius of Jonny […]

  • MR.WW gives us a lesson on how not to waste your youth, and coaches Zack Snyder with a pep talk of a lifetime.

    Anyone else looking forward to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?


    The proper answer, naturally, is “I’m going to tune in to the Cheap Heat Podcast!”

    This week’s entry tackles Hogan V. Gawker, Wrestlemania, and our fantasy […]

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