Top Five: Games You’ve Probably Missed

It’s not too late to find & play them… MAYBE

A lot of games come and go. Sometimes, there are rare gems that might have gotten overlooked. Below is a list of five games you probably missed, some maybe because you weren’t born yet.

5. Zone of the Enders

Top Five, Zone of EndersTalk about Underrated! This game was introduced to me by a friend that happened to own it back in 2001 when the PS2 had launched.  The first time I saw him play it I was totally intrigued by the style and concept of the game. What made it even more interesting and exciting was that it was created by none other than Mr. Hideo Kojima Himself! I loved Metal Gear Solid and pretty much anything this man creates!

Zone of the Enders is set in the late 22nd century, where mankind has colonized Mars, and space colonies are established in Jupiter’s orbit. (referred to as “Enders”). A young boy named Leo Stenbuck  finds an “Orbital Frame” (A Mech with A.I) called “Jehuty ” and what follow is a journey to stop the BAHRAM (Earth) soldiers from attacking and wiping out the colonies.

The game mechanics and style were fast paced, exciting and the action elements and graphics generated a good response overall. As I played this game I remember yelling out several times how I wished someone would of made a Dragon Ball Z game with those very same movement & control style mechanics! Kojima made the sequel called “Zone of The Enders: The Second Runner” which turned out to be an even greater and much improved game from the first. It’s still one of my favorite games and the best part is that if you missed these games you can buy the HD collection on the PS3 for a great price!

P.S  The original Zone of the Enders game included a demo for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. So maybe some of you old farts did get to play it… Maybe

4. I am Setsuna

Top Five, SetsunaReal Talk: I haven’t had the absolute pleasure of playing this RPG gem yet. It is however, in my radar and on my top list of acquiring and playing it to my hearts content. This is another “Under the Radar” type of game that most might miss. It was actually recommended by a fellow GWU staff member.

The story is set in a land gripped by perpetual winter, and follows a mercenary and his charge, a girl named Setsuna who must offer herself as a sacrifice at a sacred shrine to appease hostile demons.

Apparently the story’s central theme is sadness… Yeah, that’s always a good motivator to you set on a journey and get shit done so you can get back to your “happy place” /sarcasm/. The gameplay, which is intentionally designed to evoke the love and spirit of role-playing games from the 1990s by using an “Active Time Battle” system based on those used in early Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger.

I am Setsuna should be enough for anyone who has love for this particular genre. to go get it and dive into some awesomely sad story telling with reminiscent styles of the greats! Lucky for us, it’s available on multiple platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows, so your window of opportunity to play is still available.

 3. Dragon Force

Top Five, Dragon ForceChances are if you did not have a Sega Saturn and was not actively seeking out RPG’s for it then you missed out on a grand scale, real time, all out battle/war extravaganza.  Released in 1996 ( 21 years ago….God I feel old!) this game did not make its way into my heart and greatest rpg’s of all time list until 1999. In this game the player chooses from one of the continent’s eight rulers and sets out to (depending on the ruler) unite the continent, bring peace to the land, and put a stop to the great evil that wants to destroy the land. Yeah it sounds generic, until you get to command your army in real time and battle the opposing nations army! It’s strategy at a grand scale.

Best part is the different kinds of armies you can possess. The player can acquire dragons as one of the armies you can control (eat your heart out Game of Thrones!) You can try to snag a copy on ebay… Good luck!

 2. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

Top Five missed games, Blood OmenHmmm, this tittle sounds familiar doesn’t it? If you were one of the millions of gamers that got to play a game called Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver back in 1999, then you would be. Blood Omen was first released back in 1996 for the PS1 (1997 on Windows). I was attending high school during that year and remember not going to school one day just so I could stay at home and play the shit out of this game! GWU’s very own Evil Drizzy owned the game and after completing it had granted me the honor and pleasure of taking on the awesome task of reaping hell, chaos, terror and vengeance upon all in the world of Nosgoth!

This game follows the origin story of Kain and his rise to become the most savage vampire in history. At the time the game’s cinematic scenes and voice acting where superb and added a rich dept and value to the story. Even critics awarded it with high praise for its premise, audio, and scope. It became a solid foundation for which it would later follow up and cultivate an entire series of games. You can find a PS1/PC copy on ebay if interested.

1. Panzer Dragoon Saga

Panzer Dragoon SagaI actually wrote a feature  about this game back in 2012. Please follow these very simple steps to achieve greatness!

1st. Click Here to find out why this game made #1 on this top 5 list!

2nd. Check out this nostalgic intro to the game!

3rd. Find a copy, play it or invest!





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