Top Five: Heart Breaking Cancelled Games

You’ll NEVER get to play these titles.

Nothing is more painful than building anticipation, only to realize that the product will never be yours.

Below is a list of five games you will never get to play. Fantastic potential, all flushed down the toilet.

5. Scalebound

Scalebound, cancelledYou can spin this one in any direction you want, but there’s no doubt, it’s Microsoft’s biggest blow in this generation. It’s safe to say everyone waiting for the title had high hopes (it was, in fact, being developed by PlatinumGames). The title would have filled the action RPG void on the Xbox One.

It’s a real shame that the title will never see the light of day, as it had attributes many gamers would have found appealing (dragon companions, strong character design).

Scalebound was set for a 2017  release date, but unfortunately met it’s ultimate demise. If you placed Scalebound on pre-order, chances are you already have your deposit pointing to another title with more hope to see a release date.


4. Silent Hills

Silent Hills, cancelledA perfect example of work politics over creativity.

We’ll never truly know the intricate situation that brought upon the end of Kojima era at Konami. One thing for sure though, Silent Hills became a victim in the crossfire. That’s a big shame too, because the P.T. demo displayed some great promise, and gave the franchise a needed facelift with presentation. Allowing Guillermo Del Toro in the mix, as well as Norman Reedus was a nice touch, and with Kojima overseeing the project, the only destination for Silent Hills was success.

Unfortunately, the entire project has fallen off the wagon, and you’ll more than likely never see it resurface. If you have the demo currently installed in your PS4, take notice: if you delete it, you’ll never be able to retrieve it. This effectively leaves you on the outside looking in when it comes to experiencing the direction the title was moving towards.

As of this moment, Silent Hills will remain Silent as far as a release is concerned.


3. Streets of Rage Remake

Streets of Rage, cancelledVery little reasons exists behind why this was cancelled. The only details known are as follows: Ruffian Games (developers to Crackdown 2) were working on the game’s prototype. Also noteworthy is the desire by the development team to make it a digital download title. outside of that, there really is no concrete information.

We can only hope SEGA decides to explore the resurrection of this franchise, as many fans would likely pour money out of their wallets to go fists to face one more time in the Streets of Rage universe.

For now, continue to rage at the fact that you’re not going to be playing this.


2. Mega Man Universe

Mega Man Univerese, cancelledBefore Super Mario Maker, Capcom experimented with the idea of giving creative realm to the Mega Man fans. While the game was set to feature a traditional Mega Man game as the core experience, they also had a great idea to further extend the experience: a level editor. This cancelled title had great potential to give fans of the series a reason to enjoy the usual Mega Man formula, as well as creating challenges via stage creations that would have ultimately pushed the envelope in completion skills (much like Mario Maker).

No solid reason has been given for the cancellation, outside of “various circumstances”. Chances of this title remaining cancelled are pretty much 100%, but hopefully the success of Mario Maker will get Capcom to reconsider at least experimenting with the stage creator as a stand-alone game in the future.


1. True Fantasy Live Online

True Fantasy Live Online, cancelledTrue Fantasy Live Online, slated for the original Xbox, appeared to have everything one can wish for in a title of that era.  Unfortunately Microsoft had stiff demands for the game’s features, mainly voice chat implementation.  Level-5’s lack of network coding experience was also a strong factor in the cancellation, for all the obvious reasons.

The game was nearly complete, but the storm described above ushered certain death to the title. Also worth noting: this entire project more than likely ended ties between the two companies, as Level-5 never developed on a Microsoft console project after this fiasco.

What should have been an absolute killer MMO for Xbox users who were done with the likes of Phantasy Star Online became nothing but hopes, dreams and vapor.

Microsoft made claims that even though the game was cancelled, the soul of the project would be utilized in a future game.

Still waiting.

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