Buff Knight Advanced Review

A solid example of doing things differently.

A wise man once said, “simple is better”.

To a large degree, this describes Buff Knight Advanced. It’s a pretty clever take on the RPG genre, which makes for a quick, fun time that does not require an overwhelming commitment in learning curves or heavy, emotional stories.

Graphical Quality

Just like many games in the independent scene, Buff Studio decided to walk down the route of the retro 8-bit look. This should not really deter anyone from actually giving the game a chance, as what is there graphically actually looks good. As you would imagine, the graphical choice allows for good gameplay pacing, with no slowdown evident when the screen is filled with enemies.

Style and Appearance

As stated above, the graphical choice helps Buff Knight Advanced reach a visual level that reminds you of the early Final Fantasy games on the NES. The game also sports various kinds of weather conditions per stage, which is a great visual bonus, but nothing that really affects the way the game is played.

What’s really pretty and fun to look at is how the developers blended the 8-bit retro look, with some real cool attack effects. Yes, the attacks and effects are simple in nature, but seeing everything occurring in unison¬† never seems to get old.

If you love the visual look of the NES era library, Buff Knight Advanced will definitely fill your void.

Buff Knight Advanced, Buff Studio, PS4, Review


Just like it’s visuals, the premise of the game is simple.

You get to choose from one of two options: a Knight, or Sorceress. They both have one melee attack, and one magic attack at their disposal, which you can use in combination in order to kill all of the enemies you will encounter.

Here comes the twist: in this RPG, you are on rails. For those that don’t understand this concept, it means that your character begins to move in a certain direction, without your control. From there on, what the player must do is use their magic and melee attacks to clear the enemies in the path, until you reach the boss. Defeat the boss, and you’re granted entry into the next dungeon.

Just like any traditional RPG, there’s a leveling system for both your character’s attributes, as well as your weapons and armor via obtaining gem relics you can use in the shop. While it can becomes very easy to max out your stats, this very ease goes back to my earlier comments: Buff Knight was made for pure fun, and not overwhelming commitment.

To help you along your way, the gameplay also offers you artifacts you can collect, upgrade and equip in order to enhance Buff or Buffy. And of course, potions, money and special items are given to you via breaking jars, killing enemies or passing the quiz every time a fairy is on screen.

Overall, everything is responsive, and you’ll never lose because of bad input. They could have probably given use a little bit more in the attack department, but as a whole, they did a great job with what has been offered.

Buff Knight Advanced, Buff Studio, PS4, Review


No multiplayer mode in the game. This is strictly a personal experience. Because of this, we will not grade it on a merit it never sought out to offer from the start.


It won’t take you long to dive into the Buff Knight Advanced, learn to play it, and advance through the stages. In that regard, one can easily say that it’s ease is where the strength of the game lies. It doesn’t ask much from you, and but in return, can give you a good time simply by playing it. If you don’t feel like playing it for a month, you will not return to a game that you’ve forgotten about, in both gameplay and story.


Buff Knight Advanced, Buff Studio, PS4, Review

Speaking of story, you won’t find a deep one here, and once again, this links back to the choice of simplicity by Buff Studio. The premise of the story itself is charming and reminiscent to the 8-bit retro days. However, you won’t be getting huge details or large amount of text to read as you would have in a traditional RPG. The shining star to this composition points back to gameplay, so if you’re looking for a deep story to lose yourself in, this is not the title for you.

Content and Replay-ability

I won’t go as far to say the game offers you a high amount of replay value. as the review stresses, it’s simplicity is it’s strongest asset, but also does it no favors in this particular category. Sure, enemies have certain variations going from stage to stage, but outside of that, the game generally remains the same. Usually, I would say this is a bad thing. In the case of Buff Knight advanced, the premise was designed around the concept, so at the end of the day, it works well.

Buff Knight Advanced, Buff Studio, PS4, Review

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  • Graphical Quality
  • Style and Appearance
  • Gameplay
  • Involvement
  • Storyline
  • Content and Replayability

The Final Judgement

At $7.99, Buff Knight Advanced offers you a fun game that is easy to enjoy.

Just from the fact that they managed to give us players a unique spin on what we know a genre to be is worth a look. An at that price point, you can't lose (it's cheaper than a meal at Five Guys).

With price and what Buff Studio offers in this package, I find it easy to recommend Buff Knight Advanced.

The PS4 version was used in the construction of our review.


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