I Can’t Play Specs; Show Me The Games

Microsoft’s Scorpio reveal opened my eyes to a harsh reality.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can totally understand the lust that the majority of gamers, developers and companies such as Sony and Microsoft have with high end specs. And for all intents and purposes, it’s a significant staple in the progression of gaming, because without specs that move development forward into different creative avenues, the industry remains stagnant.

Specs are important. Unfortunately and ironically, they are also useless without the one reason why we buy into consoles to begin with: games.

I can’t play specs.

This past week, Microsoft dropped information on Project Scorpio, and make no mistake about it, on paper, the machine sounds absolutely glorious. Don’t take our word for it. Look at the comparison to the two other juggernauts below:


Go ahead, and say it. It’s pretty meaty.

Now, with that stated, this is when we waltz into a territory we all know as fear. Why fear? Well, grand specs are attached to grand numbers. And if I am expected to spend grand numbers to obtain this grand console, I expect a grand experience. The stage for the Scorpio is set, and the target has already been established (the premium consumer). My personal guess? A $500.00 entry fee. For me to pay that kind of coin for the console, I expect more than just a view of specs.

I. Can’t. Play. Specs.

I’m hoping on the next presentation, Microsoft bring exactly that into the mix. We need to see the new experiences this device will bring each and every gamer that invests in it, as well as any other reason why their console is a must in anyone’s rotation.

Simply put, the games presented in the next reveal must show us why the brand is back in solid ground, and why we should take them seriously when it comes to their commitment to fantastic content that can only be played and experience in their box.

This is where the PS4 Pro failed miserably in my opinion. Yes, it has better specs than it’s baseline sibling, but the experiences on the PS4 Pro are not anything that can’t be found on the baseline PS3. If the Scorpio mimics this same pattern, well, we all may as well just stick to the baseline Xbox One, because outside of some graphical polish, the advantages would in theory, be nothing short of misleading and confusing to the consumer who bought the revised console in hopes to obtain a grand experience.

At this current stage, the Xbox One feels a bit like a sinking ship. Just looking at the list of exclusives, everything just appears as if it’s a bit on the stale side. I don’t want to be the one to say it, but it’s clearly going under, and in order for the Scorpio to steer clear of this same iceberg, it must do what the baseline Xbox One has not been able to do thus far: supply the consumer with content that’s highly appealing. This should be the reset button to the brand, bringing with it games that absolutely wow us and make us want more from their studios.

As a gamer, specs are important, but games are absolutely pivotal. I’ve owned plenty of consoles in the past with amazing specs, and nothing to show for them. Let’s hope this is not history repeating itself, yet again.

Great specs. Now, show us the games, Microsoft. It’s why we come to play.

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