Level Up: Gaming & Life – Not Everyone Deserves Your Sacrifices

Here’s a hard action you’ll have to face in life at one point, or another.


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You’re gonna see this message. A lot.

Make absolutely no false assumptions, you WILL be making compromises in your life. It’s one of those things all of us will catch ourselves doing, specifically when you finally find the partner of your dreams. And believe it or not, this is fine. Relationships of all kinds, be it friendships, brotherhoods or spousal, have the ingredient of compromise, and it can be an agent of extreme positive actions when said compromise brings the best out of a person. Here’s a warning though: be careful who you compromise for, why you’re doing it, and what the centerpiece of your compromise is.

I’ll just be as raw as I can possibly be: NOT EVERYONE DESERVES YOU SACRIFICES.


This is especially true for us in what is now labeled as “Geek Culture”. I see it and hear it in many places where we conjoin, and in the circles that I’m honored to mingle in.

The world of dating is tough. You’re going to meet the one about fifty times, before you meet the real one. To avoid running out of steam, and out of lives when you get to this final destination of the process, it is imperative that you make sure the core person that makes you who you are remains intact.

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Before you go through all this trouble, make sure it’s for all the right reasons.

You might be asked to give up video games, anime, tabletop games, comic books, be it any combination of what has just been listed, or every category mentioned. If and when you are met with this particular scenario, the answer should be simple and to the point: don’t do it. Your hobbies, and the things you love, which you have built a passion for from the moment your mind started to develop, is what makes you the fantastic person that you are. When another person tries to shatter your persona at that level, what they create is a person that does not represent who you are. It creates a person who gives up all that he (or she) is, and in return creates a miserable soul void of the main ingredients that molded their personality.

Truthfully, most often times you’ll end up losing yourself, and the person who decided you needed to make needless sacrifices. You don’t win.

If you’ve been asked to eradicate your movie, video game, comic book or (insert your hobby here) collection, stop and don’t do it. If the relationship is worth it, he or she will not ask you to do such a thing, but will eventually, with time, understand that this is a part of you, and in turn, assemble into it be it through distant respect or full blown participation. There are plenty of people who will, in fact assemble. But just like anything that is being put together, it takes time to build appropriately. With time, both sides will either come to understand each other, or simply move on. And, if you’re going to move on, move on intact, and not as someone who gave everything up, just to not recognize yourself in the mirror at the end of the journey.

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It’s hard to look in the mirror after you’ve been through hell and back.

Be who you are, without compromise.


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