The Real Rated R Superstar

The scope of the superhero movie may have changed forever with the release of Deadpool. Deadpool broke the opening weekend record for an R Rated movie, out-grossing Matrix Reloaded by 40 million dollars and out-grossing the next highest superhero movie, The Watchmen, by 80 million dollars. Those are staggering numbers against its contemporaries. It’s like Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps against the field or Apple’s dominance over Microsoft, or PS4’s reign over Xbox. #feeltheburnbillgates

Deadpool was as well made as some of my favorite superhero movies; X-Men: First Class/Days of Future Past, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dark Knight Rises, and original Iron Man. It was consistently hilarious while not breaking from great story telling. Alas, this isn’t IMDB or another review bitches, go to Rotten Tomatoes for that shit. Here, at GWU, we are thinkers, explorers, missionaries of truth and light (Big Boss is trying to make that our mission statement. I think it’s a little bit creepy). But there is a well known factor that attributed greatly to the success of this film. There was a grassroots following that not only demanded for this movie to be made, but it also demanded that it be made well. Not some fluffy shit like the last “Amazing” Spider Man or Superman Returns. Fans, followers, believers are smarter than what is being produced and delivered and will not support it any longer. Strange parallels to the presidential primaries. Quit it with the rhetoric!

While everyone was watching Dawn of Justice rake in a whopping $170 mil this past weekend, I was avoiding the crowds (angry mobs) and reserving judgement on the highly divisive and polarizing film. Instead, I attempted to binge watch Daredevil. Big Boss is trying to push The Binge Watch Challenge but I fell a couple of episodes short, watching 10 of 13. It’s tough getting through 13, forty-eight minute episodes. Sure, I binged watched HBO’s Ballers, Netflix’s Love and Master of None, but those are quick hits that I can semi-ignore. But with a pregger wife, a full time job, and Sh-Easter (because it’s all about what the wife wants) weekend, I hardly had time to wipe my ass. So I failed at the challenge but nailed it at life!

Daredevil is the revolution that made Deadpool possible. Wait a minute, don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’m not so much comparing them but trying to give credit where credit is do. Daredevil is perhaps one of the most successful R Rated series showing mild sex scenes, some foul language but awfully gratuitous violence. Daredevil should be acknowledged for pulling the curtain back and making TV adaptations real to the comics. Real, not only in story but in the adult content that it sometimes contains. Daredevil had the balls to do it and paved the way for Jessica Jones and well, Deadpool.

Season 2, so far has lived up to the standard it set in the previous season. The sophomore season features The Punisher and Elektra and it is filled with the gore and comic integrity. The season follows the path of three, maybe four different vigilantes, sharing a common goal to eradicate crime but going about it according to their own values. That leads to conflict among heroes. Jon Bernthal’s depiction of The Punisher is raw and grounded, simple as human emotions tend to manifest but complex in the layers of obsession and motivation. He is scary yet sympathetic. He is relentless but calculating. The character is thrusted through the door but handled delicately to tell a worthy story.

This season reminds me of America’s favorite serial killer, Dexter. A vigilante in his own right held together by his code. Dexter was a wonderful series for many seasons but they couldn’t quite figure our how to take him out of the shadows and into public perception. The series ended as an abomination. Daredevil handles this masterfully with Punisher, in what feels like an award winning episode of SVU, on trial for all of his sins and the only question is whether or not he will pay with his life. Daredevil has it all including samurais, a herd of ninjas scaling buildings, mass killings, prison riots, human trafficking and old foes.

I am looking forward to watching the last 3 episodes. I am looking forward as Daredevil, not Deadpool, not Dawn of Justice, continues to set the standard for screen adaptations of comics, upholding the integrity of the stories written. Like I said before, the fans, followers, believers have become too smart to blindly support the watered down, studio produced garbage we have been accustomed to. We demand quality! We demand integrity! We deserve it.

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