Binge Watch Challenge: One-Punch Man, Season 1

One word… SAITAMA.

# of episodes: 12
Hours to completion: 4.8 (roughly)
# of days used to complete: 1
Service: Hulu, Crunchy Roll


In all my years watching anime, there has been a particular formula that most action/fighting anime follow. In some cases it starts off with the main character not being strong enough and desires more “power” to achieve a life changing end goal. They often have hidden potential for greatness or in other instances gets thrown into a situation were they are forced to “evolve” into something greater… something that is out of their own control and will. These characters usually portray a strong sense of justice to their friends and a cause, stand firm in what they believe, and go out of their way to help others. The end goals usually revolves around some kind of peace or a means to an end. These are just some of the “typical guidelines” that gets followed.

Now with everything just mentioned I’m gonna go right ahead and say… FORGET ALL THAT!  THIS IS NOT YOUR USUAL HERO FIGHTING ANIME. One-Punch Man ignores the typical guidelines and does something that’s totally fresh. There is no girl to save, no friend to avenge, no rivals to fight, no quest for peace. The only and ultimate goal is… To do hero deeds “for fun” and hopefully find someone that will not go down with ONE PUNCH! That’s right, mundane emotions and disappointment sets in for our “One-Punch Man” Saitama, as he has reached a level of strength and power that has put him in a ridiculous league all by his lonesome self. “Over Powered” is an understatement! Especially since he comes off as a very common and simple man unlike usual charismatic heroes. Now, one would naturally think that a character that can defeat pretty much anyone with one punch is ridiculous, boring and probably wouldn’t last long as a story worth following or anime at that…..WRONG! This anime is sooo ridiculous, funny and entertaining that you’ll be guaranteed to binge watch the shit out of all 12 episodes in one sitting!

Don’t be fooled, he really doesn’t give a F! LOL

Especially since each episodes are only 24 minutes each. The art style is fun, refreshing, at times feels like a solid old school style anime, full of original and some familiar styled characters and villains. And to top it off all fighting sequences are so BAD-ASS and CRISPY that you’ll get caught up yelling with excitement as shit is going down! Most especially when it’s a Saitama scene, as they definitely emphasize his true strength and what seems to be a limitless potential of power in contrasts to whoever hes facing. Also there is another character by the name of Genos who’s one bad-ass, level headed cyborg with a strong moral sense of justice. He encounters Saitama, realizes the kind of power he possesses by seamlessly wiping out a villainous monster with a single hit (of which Genos himself was having a tough time defeating) and immediately wants to devout himself to train under him.

Funny thing about Genos is that he’s one cool and powerful hero. Even funner is the fact that he represents the typical bad ass type hero we are used to watching and following in anime, but only to come to a dead fact that he barely has what it takes to even be under Saitama’s shadow. That kind of realization would make any man with power become seriously humble…. or grow with resentment and hate. which brings my next point. The series is full of colorful and unique characters that at first its hard to accept or even take serious since the anime already cut straight to the chase to make Saitama THE STRONGEST without a linear journey to get to that point. But, as you progress through the episodes you’ll come to enjoy and appreciate the other heroes that take part in this world.

Genos is one BAD-ASS Cyborg!

Saitama doesn’t take himself serious at all. To the point that while something of importance or seriousness is taking place, he’s thinking of something random and none essential to what is happening at that moment. Like hoping to go to his favorite store and take advantage of the specials they have before they close, or wondering what to eat for dinner later. Now, while all this is taking place during the anime they do start that oh so familiar character build up. The acknowledgement of others making effort to stand by what they believe is one of those things. And starting to have a clear understanding of the role he’s meant to play in this society of heroes and citizens that he lives and interacts with.

YUP, Rock Lee ain’t got shit on him LOL

P.S. Did I mentioned that Saitama achieved his One-Punch strength from doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and 10km running every single day for 3 years?! …..or did he?? LOL!! Yeah stop Fucking around and GO WATCH IT NOW!!

Bingeablility Rating
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  • Storyline
  • Content and Replayability


So with everything you have read so far I would hope that I have sparked an interest, and that at this very moment you are jumping on this "One-Punch Man Bandwagon" so you may enjoy a fun, unique and refreshing ride you wont long as you enjoy these type of animes of course.


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