So exactly a year ago today the suits here at Gaming World United offered me a gig, a gig to write, blog, gab, and pontificate about gaming, entertainment, technology, and life as I see it. Little did they anticipate the fierce and unrelenting assault I have posed with my “write-ups”. Little did they KNOW that I see the world in crimson red and black, behind an inferno and cracks in the Earth, below the mold and grime. They’ve asked me on numerous occasions, “MRWW, do you think your write-ups can be a bit more airy? A little bit more relatable?” Sorry motherfuckers, you passed ME the mic! You amplified MY voice by giving me this forum and I shall speak MY truth as I see it. Suspensions and reprimands will not void my 3 year contract. Let’s make year 2 even more uncensored!

A month ago I wrote a shitty, fluffy piece titled, The Best Events of 2016. In the article I listed the top events of this year. I started it off with the extravaganza that is the Super Bowl. Well, the Super Bowl ended up being a disappointment where most people ended up talking about Beyoncé’s “racist” performance in what was otherwise a snoozer of a halftime show. The game itself nearly put the 100k in AT&T Stadium to sleep as it featured more big plays from punters than either quarterback.

I was sure I’d redeem myself this past Sunday with the Oscars but instead I find myself 0 for 2, looking ahead at Wrestlemania, which features a geriatric Undertaker and a failed entrepreneur Shane-O-Mac. The Oscars featured a bunch of White people winning a bunch of gold awards. That is usually the case but what made the Oscars so unbearable was in its predictability. Today, I will pick the real winners!

Actor in a Supporting Role: Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies

Who the…?

The Real Winner: Idris Elba, Beast of No Nation


Hey Academy, readers, why do you have to be so White?! I know everyone wanted to see Sly get the Oscar but as a HUGE Rocky fan I can say objectively, he wasn’t all that good. And for the Spike Lees and grumpy Will Smiths and “snubbed” Michael B. Jordans of the world, the only Black actor deserving of an Oscar was Idris Elba. Idris won 4 awards for his role in Beast of No Nation but couldn’t even get a nomination at the Oscars. Idris plays a fierce warlord training a young orphan child to join his  military. He was better than the field and worthy of the award.

Actress in a Supporting Role: Alicia Vikander, The Danish Girl

Again. Who the…?

The Real Winner: Charlize Theron, Mad Max: Fury Road

charlize theron in mad max ap

Some hated Tom Hardy as Bane because of his silly ass voice but similarly, Hardy’s character as Mad Max was odd, having very few lines and a strange demeanor. It was easy to see that Furiosa carried the film, as she was the character with impetus. She was in essence, the heart of the film. This film was about the empowerment of women, their liberties and rights and Charlize was essentially the face of the movement.

Actress in Leading Role: Brie Larson, Room
In a battle of Hollywood royalty versus the new blood, Brie Larson came out victorious. Brie gave a strong performance as a young lady raising a young boy in captivity and her road to recovery from PTSD. It was very reminiscent of Julianne Moore’s role in Still Alice. It was simple but it spoke volumes.

The Real Winner: The Academy got it right, Brie Larson, Room

Brie Larson beat out former Oscar winners J-Law and Cate Blanchett in a battle of David and Goliath. This wasn’t a complete shock but it was definitely a breath of fresh air.

Actor in Leading Role: Leonardo Dicaprio, The Revenant

An Oscar win has eluded Leo for 23 years so I can’t begrudge the man and I certainly can’t argue too much against him because Leonardo gave one hell of a performance in The Revenant.

The Real Winner: Michael Fassbender, Steve Jobs

Michael Fassbender has become one of my favorite actors and his performance as one of my heroes, Steve Jobs in the Danny Boyle film was haunting. I’m not sure whose idea it was to cast Ashton Kutcher in the first biopic of the tech genius but thank the heavens for Fassbender and Boyle’s rendition. Perhaps he will win the Oscar for his reprised role in X-Men. Ha!

Best Picture: Spotlight

Spotlight is certainly a story that should have been told and movie that should be seen but it’s certainly not the Best Picture this year or any other year. Only because the content is of great significance, it doesn’t mean the movie is great. The characters were underdeveloped, the acting was solid but far from spectacular, and the story, outside of the big secret was ordinary at best.

The Real Winner: Mad Max: Fury Road

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it another thousand times, Fury Road is the best action movie ever created and it was the best movie this year and it wasn’t even close. This film was made with the intricacies of a fusion reactor. It was careful and meticulous. The 6 other Oscar nods is proof and it is a real shame that is didn’t get the Oscar that matters the most. The Oscars suffers from more than just racial discrimination, it also practices genre discrimination and Mad Max: Fury Road is its latest victim.

The Real Loser: Viewers Everywhere

Though it was expected, Chris Rock’s endless rant about racism brought the Oscars to a screeching halt. What usually is a celebration of the best, mostly White actors, turned into a public shaming. All the skits and songs and laughs were substituted with feelings of discomfort and humiliation. I’m sure The Academy has some work to do but let’s be real, Hollywood is the one with the huge problem. The hashtag should read #HollywoodSoHomogeneous

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