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Last week, things were made official: Konami Inc. and Hideo Kojima’s relationship has been solidified as being over.

In my personal opinion, this was the best thing that could have happened to one of the most creative man walking on the planet (that being, Kojima). People like him, in all honesty, have a majestic way of communicating his art with his audience, in a way that makes you think and speculate about what is really going on behind his works.

After finishing up Phantom Pain, I started to seemingly draw parallels between Kojima, his creative work and the scenario that was unfolding before our eyes. In many ways, I saw Kojima and Big Boss as the same person, telling us a story about a man who has been through many highs, many lows, and always surviving to see another day, and to make the goals tied to his journey bigger, better, and grander.

Allow me to elaborate:

Metal Gear, Konami, Kojima, Hideo

Once Big Boss saw through the suit and tie games everyone continued to play around him (evident by his actions after the conclusion of Snake Eater) Big Boss moved away from their madness and adopted a path that allowed him to do as he felt was right and pleasing to his calling. Without the constraint and constant tugging from the CIA FOX / structured military, he was able to eventually build his ultimate goal (the Patriots). But before he managed to meet his goal, the first thing that was birthed was his independence from the known structure.

From my viewpoint, we see a very similar story here. Kojima is now free from a structure that tried to constrain his path, and in the end, made a man choose his own, away from such structure. He’s no longer part of the limbo, but looking into it from the outside, gathering talent to make products and services that will put fear in places like Konami, much like Militaires Sans Frontieres shook world governments when they found out such a thing existed. And if parallels hold true, no matter what happens with Kojima’s new path, he will always rise. There is always a path to exercise and that’s something seen in the character of the Boss that reflects on Kojima.

Metal Gear, Konami, Kojima, Hideo


So the question now is, who’s the Phantom? In the end of MGS5, it’s revealed that you are the Phantom Big Boss that built the Outer Heaven of MSX lore (meaning the real Boss was working in another scene, building The Patriots). This to me is another message to all of us.

The message from the Boss in a paraphrase: “you are me, and I am you”.

In my opinion, this is a message to all of us stating that problems are universal, and if we stand our ground on the principles and belief in the works of our creative minds, you can move it forward, constraints be damned.

There will always be an establishment that will attempt to push you to your limits. Always remember your worth, and never be scared about what lies ahead. Just like Naked Snake/Big Boss, Punished Snake/Phantom Boss, Just like Kojima, we all have it in us to move forward, with no regret, in pursuit of what we do best, despite of the opposition that can surround us.

Or you can end up being killed by Solid Snake as the Phantom Boss did. Hey, it’s a dog eat dog world, and there’s always a Snake waiting to pounce and take you out.

That’s just art imitating life.

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“Just what I’d expect from the man with the same code as the Boss.”

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