GWU Review: SteelSeries Nimbus Controller

So as the resident mobile and now alternative console gamer for Gaming World United, it is my job to discuss everything that is not PC or big 3 console gaming. The consoles are having a phenomenal season. Much like Hollywood releases all of its Oscar hopefuls in the Fall, game developers are throwing haymakers, releasing some top notch games right now. So while all of my peers are playing Fallout, Halo, Metal Gear and Need for Speed, I’m playing games on my iPhone and Apple TV.

For those who read my articles, you know I don’t consider these platforms an inferior form of gaming, rather an alternative form. These platforms, though not impressive in the traditional sense, it will, in time prove to be highly lucrative and one day, for better or worse, will compete for market shares. Look at China’s shares, mobile gaming is taking over.

With mobile gaming comes other markets, accessories. I have invested in some accessories since purchasing Apple TV last week. I bought the Beats wireless headset, a wrist strap (like on the Wii remote), and a SteelSeries Nimbus Controller. Beats may have failed as music streamer but its headsets are still the toast of the town with stars like Lebron rocking them at every turn, the wrist straps are necessary to keep every flatscreen safe, but today I will review the SteelSeries Nimbus Controller.

And now and growing in popularity AND credibility, YOUR G-W-U Review!


It’s in a nice box.


I strolled into the Apple Store, ignored the inevitable herd of Apple fanatics, straight to the section with Apple TVs, made sure I grabbed the 64 GB box. The ever so attentive customer rep was there to meet me where I stood and the transaction was completed with my wallet in my pocket, Apple Pay on my Apple Watch, a receipt via email, no bag necessary, DEUCES!

As I reported in the Apple TV review, the stock remote is a piece of art, its functionality, seamless and design, flawless. With that said, not really what you want to use when drifting on the frozen banks of Iceland. I had to get a real gaming experience ASAP.

Like most controllers, design is the only thing that matters. I still play PS3 games and Hype Man and I were rocking Need For Speed on the PS4 a couple of days ago. Both of these remotes, similar. It has decent weight, the handles are a bit thin but substantial, and of course the button alignment is just right. It is not hyperbole when I say I like the Nimbus controller more.

SteelSeries crafted this well designed controller that looks and feels a bit more like a Xbox controller. It feels sturdy and heavy, able to take the wear and tear. As a former cinematographer, weight was always an indicator of a good piece of equipment. It holds true with controller. Its shape contours my fairly average sized hands just right. It sits in my hands comfortably.

The button alignment is not revolutionary but well designed. Again, it looks a lot like the Xbox remote having X, Y, A, B buttons on the right, L1, L2, R1, R2 buttons the way we’ve become accustomed to, two lower centered joy sticks, a D pad above the left joystick, and finally a Menu button in the center. The buttons are well spaced and textured for comfortable extended play. It also has an on/off switch, bluetooth pairing button, and a lightning port on top. Finally it has a four light battery indicator that adds a bit of style and convenience.

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Pairing is quick and easy on the Apple TV. It was paired and I was playing within a minute.


The remote is made for Apple products so compatibility is not really in question in that regard. The question is, how many games support the Nimbus Controller. As you toggle through games on the Apple TV app store, you’ll see the controller icon, meaning, it is compatible with the Nimbus controller. You’ll see that icon frequently and my guess is, in a couple of months, you’ll see it everywhere. It’s compatible and it works great with games and other Apple TV apps alike.


I’d rather pay $30-$35 bucks but the $50 tag isn’t so bad for something that will prove to be necessary.

SteelSeries Controller
  • Packaging
  • Design
  • Pairing
  • Compatibility
  • Price

Final Take

Nice accessory. It is totally worth the $50 price tag and it will make your alternative (not inferior) gaming more productive and enjoyable.


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