GWU Review: The Walking Dead: Road To Survival

Clash of Clan was highly successful and there has been many games that have modeled their game after it. Boom Beach and Game of War are two examples and Walking Dead: Road to Survival is another. It’s a bit different in that you don’t have to build walls to protect your assets but it’s essentially the same in how you have to build your city and its resources. It’s a format that has become popular in mobile gaming and The Walking Dead story compliments it perfectly.


If you’ve played other games like this, it’s fairly easy to jump on this one. You essentially have to build your base where you construct homes, storage, gather supplies, harvest food, train civilians, and build your town hall. The more you upgrade and build, the more you have access to special weapons and characters.

The menus are bit cumbersome. For you RPGers, you won’t mind this but it does take a bit to learn the navigation between menus. Menus for creating teams. Menus for switching their weapons. Menus for purchasing coins. Menus for upgrading this and upgrading that. So on and so on.

The battles are classic RPG battles. At first it won’t matter who you choose but sooner rather than later, you will have to train characters, select you teams carefully and be tactical in your attack.

Raids is also part of the game. It’s a great way to make it a community based game. You can join factions, team up, wreck havoc on others or exact revenge on those who have wronged you.




It’s a slow paced game so controls don’t really play a factor. You could be missing thumbs and still find it easy.


Clean. The village has some nice details and the upgrades of structure look great. The animatics during story are the best display of graphics and art though there is something to be desired during battles as sprites are stiff and lifeless. Lifeless. Get it?



This truly depends on how invested you are in this type of RPG/SIM game. If you like building things from scratch and like playing at a leisurely pace, this game can be quite addicting.

I for one can play these types of games for several months at a time. Leveling up, upgrading, and moving along. I spent about 8 months playing Clash of Clans until I finally burned out. Dishing out some cash will make it more interesting long term but that just not my style. I’m an old school grinder. Much different from the modern day app, Grindr.


There is a story. Decisions have to be made from time to time changing the narrative. It’s nice to have some direction and motivation engineered by a semblance of a story. It won’t win a Pulitzer but I appreciate the effort making the game more complete.


Sound and Music

Honestly, I usually play the game on mute to not disturb my wife or to conceal my gaming at work. I did turn it on for the sake of this review. Zombie groans, attack sounds, and other SFX along with a decent soundtrack DOES add to the experience.

Slow Walking Zombies
  • Gameplay
  • Controls
  • Graphics
  • Replayability
  • Storyline
  • Sound and Music

Final Judgement

It is far from original but taking an awfully popular TV show and combining it with a popular format on an increasingly popular platform is at the very least, inevitable. This game falls short in fun factor but with a storyline, recognizable characters, and tactical gameplay, this game is worth a play. I don't anticipate it being as popular as Clash of Clans because quite frankly, it's not nearly as good but it's a decent alternative if you have Clan exhaustion.


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