GWU Review: Apple Watch

I’ve been wearing the Apple Watch for five days now. I got it a day before the new software update was suppose to hit but apparently a major bug delayed it. I stared at my phone, stalked the general settings icon, waiting for the notification to pop up, cueing me to update. It never, ever came. I did some light recon and learned, it’s not coming. At least, not yet. Not a good start right? Wrong!

I LOVE my Apple Watch. I got the 42mm, space black, black sport band, Apple Watch. The difference between the Apple Watch and Apple Sport is in the structure. Apple Watch has a sapphire glass and stainless steel body as opposed to the same glass found on the iPhone 6 and an aluminum casing.

Let’s get to the review portion of this article.


I’m one of those shoppers that likes to try things on. I like to hold it and take it for a spin. I like to obsessively weigh my options and make an informed decision on my investment. Its really annoying. As per usual, the people at Apple were helpful and informative and most of them were sporting Apple Watches, making it easy for me to see how attractive it is. I test drove on a Sport model. Light and sleek and very comfortable. I then tried on an Apple Watch. I immediately noticed the difference. It was heavier and the glass popped a bit more. It felt like an expensive piece of jewelry. I’m not the bracelet and chain kind of guy but I instantly liked the feel of it. The sport band felt sturdy and strong fitting perfectly on my wrist.

I’ve owned a few watches in my lifetime and it doesn’t really compare. Some watches are beautiful with details for days. The square face doesn’t scream timeless keepsake but damn, it does look good. The space black model is sharp and it looks great on the wrist. The square screen makes optimal space while still keeping the integrity of fashion.

I opted for the higher model after learning that the sapphire glass is scratch resistant and because the weight of it made it feel more durable and fashionable at the same time. The Sport model is also very nice and a great option if you don’t want to break the bank.



Much like other Apple products, the packaging in top notch. Never will they use bubble wrap and brown cardboard. Unpacking Apple products is like unraveling pieces of joy, carefully constructed to excite with each layer. The watch came in a beautiful, white watch case. It is a bit large but clearly a part of the Apple Watch experience. The charger and an extra small band is included in the packaging.

Set Up

Easy peasy! If you are at the store, the Apple reps will set it up for you in under 5 minutes. If you ordered your watch online and have half a brain, your set up time won’t be much longer.


It is great! In five days it has become part of my life, changing long standing routines into even simpler ones.

The watch faces are cool. There’s several face options that I have customized to fit my lifestyle. I have a face that tells me the temperature, date, upcoming appointments, and motion tracker that will remind me to stand up if I’ve been on my ass for too long. I have a face with a stopwatch, timer, and a digital clock for when I’m working out. I also have a face that is just a blue or red or green analog watch so it matches my daily outfit. I often switch my watch face throughout the day, depending on my location and activity.

The apps are a bit limited right this second (waiting for that update) but I am happy to receive text, twitter, instagram, messenger, and email notifications. I love that I can reply quickly and easily and answer calls. Turn by turn navigation is a gentle tap on my wrist now. StubHub, Fandango, Siri, Clear, Photos among others make life easier. Looking forward to the update… Hold on, my watch suggests I stand up for a few minutes.


My wife and brother-in-law gave me Apple gift cards so I didn’t shell out the hefty $600 price tag. I believe the Sport starts at $350. Look, there’s no way to cut it, it is expensive and it is up to you to decide if its worth the investment. I am fortunate enough to be the recipient of some generous Christmas gifts. Now that I possess it, I think it’s worth every dime but I’m not in the business of spending other people’s money. You decide whether or not it’s something you want or need.


  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Set Up
  • Software
  • Price

Final Take

The Apple Watch is lovely piece of technology. As an Apple junkie, owing a MacBook, iPad, Apple TV, iPhone, and other Apple products, it is clear to me, that I will use the Apple Watch more than those other products. In five days it has literally become an extension of my arm. Is it necessary? No but I do predict that in ten years most of us will be wearing smart watches. I say, why not start now? It will be a great way to start the trend.


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