Gear Review: PDP Versus Fighting Pad

A good pad is hard to find.

If you’re a fighting game fan, you know the struggle in finding a good 6-button pad that meets your needs for fighting games old and new. To make matters worse, now that the¬†PlayStation 4 is moving into the Street Fighter realm with Ultra being released, and Street Fighter 5 on the horizon, one has slim options when it comes to making the jump into a pad that functions a bit better than the DualShock 4. Yes, you do have the offerings from MadCatz, specifically the¬†PlayStation 3 Street Fighter pads and sticks, which are great options and work on the PlayStation 4, but for those who don’t appreciate the size of the pad or the square gate on the joystick, I present you with a pretty good alternative: the PDP Versus Pad.

Let’s answer the most important question off the bat: yes, this pad will work on the PlayStation 4, BUT ONLY FOR ULTRA STREET FIGHTER 4. I managed to try it on Ultra Street Fighter 4, and can happily report back that the controller works. Now, let’s answer the next obvious set of questions: is the performance of the controller worth the purchase? The answer is yes.


I found all the buttons on the pad to be absolutely responsive, and the shape of the controller allows for comfortable holding for many hours of gameplay. The octagonal d-pad, while being a bit raised, feels natural and comfortable, but initially, you might find it strange. I noticed it’s hard to register crouch left block initially, but as your thumb grows sensitive to the directional buttons, it becomes an easier thing to do. While the controller is not wireless, what it does bring to the table is a long USB cord, which in a sense, is better in the long run, especially when you’re going to use it for long extensive sessions. It will never die on you, and will go on for as long as you can.

Currently selling at $9.99 on Amazon, you would be wise to give this controller a chance. Sure, it has a narrow amount of purpose, but as far as a 6-button arcade layout pad is concerned, the price point and build quality exceed the expectation of the entry fee. It’s a great alternative to the MadCatz pad, at an attainable price point.


The pad may look awkward at first, but in time, it might just grow on you like it did on me. If you're looking for a solution for your Ultra Street Fighter 4 fix on the PS4, or if you play many fighting or arcade style games on your PS3, this is a great option, especially for the price.

You've spent $10.00 on worse things, trust me.


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