Game Sack: SUNSOFT


I got to hand it to these two guys at “Game Sack” they know their stuff and with some of their videos on YouTube you end up learning about things even I didn’t know. In this episode they talk about the game development company SUNSOFT, Who if you remember back in the 8 Bit era were the leaders when it came to the Batman games. I have to admit though the nostalgia alone was enough for me to watch. Enjoy the video gamers!!!


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Born and bread during the NES age I never would have guessed that I'd still be playing video games in this day and age but as luck would have it (thank god) I still do and always will. I can talk for hours (and I have) about gaming but I'm pretty sure anyone here could but you will find that my geekdom will stretch far beyond the norm and my knowledge is ever expanding and always fresh. So I say to all welcome and as always LIVE LONG AND GAME ON!

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