Of Kings and Mario Kart Frustrations

I’ll be the first to admit, I have a tendency to forget certain things in my every day walk of life. One day, I’ll forget where I left my keys. The next day, my PS Vita charger. I simply assume that’s the price I pay for living a life on the run, which at this point, will probably never cease.

I’m okay with that.

One thing I know I did not forget about was The King of Arcades. I saw this trailer back at around 2012 when Sean Tiedeman, who was working on the project, reached out just to let us know about the project. I instantly fell for the project, and I’m glad they finally got around to wrapping the production of the project up. I’m hoping I’ll be able to pick up a copy soon to watch the story behind one of the most interesting arcades, maintained by a very interesting man (Richie Knucklez). This guy is definitely dedicated to his cause, evident by his achievements in classical arcade game preservation.

Here’s the trailer for your enjoyment:

I finally finished up Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers’ story mode. I’m fairly confident my experience with the story mode had me hooked based on the presentation alone. Not that it was fancy or anything, but because it had a bit of an old-school flare to it. Of course, this flavor was probably easy to portray due to the source of the game itself. I might tinker with the rest of the modes the game has to offer, but I can definitely do that on my own time, as I see fit. I was shocked to see how a game can appear to be complex when you view the insane amount of action that can occur during a round or two in this game, all done by simple attack and special buttons. I definitely did not find it disappointing to see that there was not a traditional light/medium/heavy spread for me to navigate to, and in the end, just made things fresh for me.

In case it’s not cleared, I really enjoyed it.

No NYCC for me this year, although I really, REALLY wanted to attend. The problem stemmed with tickets being sold out in a matter of milliseconds. No sweat though, as I think this year I’ll be hitting up more of the smaller, independent events, two of those being Retro Con, and South Jersey GEEKFEST.

I missed the Allentown ComicCon this weekend, but it was all for a great cause.

That cause being, an upcoming AWESOME Podcast, and a game of Mario Kart 8 that was frustrating and a hell of a lot of fun.

These kinds of things are just much better in person, on a split screen.

I normally don’t lose my temper, but some of the scenarios I was thrown into were clearly made to screw me, including but not limited to being hit by a blue shell when I was only in 3rd place. Playing with a Wii remote plus nunchaku didn’t help the matters. But I’m a man that accepts any challenge, no matter how impossible.

And accept I did.

Not sure what I’m moving onto next, but It’ll definitely be known on my next Back to the Catalog post

Until then, keep leveling up.

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