Horrors of Gaming: Awesome Possum

No. Just… No.

Why in the world would you do this to yourself TENGEN?

It’s one thing to decide to make a clone of Sonic The Hedgehog. In all truth, you where probably on to something with that idea. I mean, you made a conscious decision to try and clone one of the most successful platformers of just about any era one can mention…

Somebody lied to you, sir.
Somebody lied to you, sir.

And this is what you came up with.

This is not awesome.

This, is a tool made to show you the future of the end of existence.

Awesome Possum, a game by TENGEN, is supposed to be a fun platformer that revolves around some scientist who apparently has polluted the world, and is up to you, Awesome Possum, to clean up his mess, and ultimately find said scientist to give him a swift kick in the ass. The problem here is, you won’t be playing this game long enough to even find out exactly what “fun” adventures await!

This game is beyond horrible. The word to throw at is should be BROKEN, but that’s too mild of a word to describe the amazing train wreck.

And that’s the part I really don’t understand. It shocks me that once again, we have another game that never got a good quality check before mass production. Had they tested this out, they could have easily noticed how bad the game plays, how horrible the music is, and how uninspiring and repetitive each stage you played in was.

Awesome Possum stands alone as what I would like to label the “Superman 64” of the 16-bit generation. It’s stubborn, it makes no clear sense, and it lacks every ingredient needed to formulate a good game, let alone a decent one.

Don't let it fool you. It's worse than it looks.
Don’t let it fool you. It’s worse than it looks.

For the record, I’m just assuming that the Possum’s name is possum, and that doctor’s name is Robotico or Macho Machino or something to that effect. I personally don’t remember, and I’d like to keep it as such.

Parents, would you like to punish your kids severely for acting a fool in school? This is the tool you need.

At the end of the day, Awesome Possum proves that if you as an entity adopt a mantra, you eventually become said entity.

Awesome Possum chose garbage, and it became so.

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