System Love, Vol. 1

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Playing With SERIOUS Power,

This week, I had some time to kick back and reminisce on one of my favorite consoles of all time. I’m talking about the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with the double game cartridge that contained “Super Mario bros.” and “Duck Hunt” along with the awesome Zapper (the gray one of course).

As I was thought about my NES memories, something strange happened. I stopped reminiscing about my NES and started dwelling into my memories of my Super Nintendo era (SNES) which was strange since up until now I had always had it in my mind that since the NES was my first system that would be the one I would have been much more attached to.

I was surprisingly mistaken and quickly discovered a shocking truth:

I am still head over heals in love with my SNES even to this day and would give anything to have it back.

The day was Christmas Day 1992. I was 11 years old and I had all but lost hope in receiving a Super Nintendo for Christmas since, let’s face it, it wasn’t a cheap system at the time. My mother handed me a big box wrapped in red wrapping paper, so like any child I tore it open and to my delight it was the SNES I had hoped and prayed for.

Super Mario World, Mario, Super Mario
Thanks Santa!

I was jumping for joy more then I ever had in my entire life… or at least since my first NES, and wasted no time in opening the box and pulling out the white styrofoam that housed all the wires and controllers needed to get started for a long gaming night that laid ahead. I still remember the feel of the controller in my hand, the light grip one gets before the surface wears and smooths over years of use. I hastily popped the very first game I had in my possession which, (you guessed it) was Super Mario World and was vastly amazed at the bright colors and the little tune that played during the beginning intro. I marveled at the possibility of playing in a world that could have been even more impressive then Super Mario Bros 3 (the verdict is up in the air on that one). And who can forget the introduction of everyone’s favorite green dinosaur Yoshi!

I am still head over heals in love with my SNES even to this day and would give anything to have it back.

The second game I popped in to the SNES: F-Zero, which at the time was an unknown game to me but it didn’t matter since all I wanted to do was play as many games as possible before I would inevitably be sent to bed on account that I’ve spent the entire day playing my new system. I was speechless at the wonderful sight before my eyes as I drooled at the (for its time) amazing “Mode 7” effects and the shear sense of speed which it exhibited during my first lap around the course. Not to mention the heart thumping sound tracks that played on most of the courses which to this day I still look up on YouTube just for the sake of listening to them (Big blue being my number 1 favorite in the game). The difficulty was nothing to laugh at to say the least as I failed quite a number of times during the third race track but it didn’t bother me at all during at the time.


Now I know your asking “is this article going to be about the games I played on my first day?” And you would be sadly mistaken my friends.

You see I didn’t receive the SNES until a whole year after it was released to the masses so there was quite a number of must play games already out on the market. One of them as you may know was a small little game called….. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past. Now this game holds a truly special place in my heart, but not because its a timeless classic that can go toe to toe with even today’s modern action RPG’s just on the basis of game design, but because this is the game that brought me and my friends closer together at a time when there were no online play options available to us. It was a great feeling having your friends in droves come over and play through The Legend of Zelda: ALTTP while we all took turns trying to defeat the third dungeon in the world of light (I truly hated that boss). The joy we all had when we defeated a dungeon boss had to be seen to believe as we all jumped up in unison at the end of the final battle with Gannon in the Dark world section of the game. The ending left a truly satisfying sensation of a completed adventure in my heart and I have never forgotten that feeling.

Zelda, Link, The Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past
This is the template all masterpieces should follow.

During the CONSOLE WARS there were many classics that were played day in and day out but sadly if I listed them all then I would have to write a book about it. The Super Nintendo will always be the system that I will never forget. The system was a gamer’s dream come true with games like Final Fantasy VI, Super Punch-out, Secret of Mana, Street fighter II (series), Yoshi’s island, Donkey kong Country (series), and Chrono Trigger just to name a few. I don’t know if I will ever feel the same feeling I once had for a console back then but deep down inside I am hopeful I will.

I will always remember all of my consoles but the Super Nintendo is the one I will never forget.

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