For The Record: I’m Not Judgemental

But I have to be straight forward, Japan.

I’ll never understand some of your cultural staples, mainly, dating sims.

I don’t want there to be any doubt in the fact that I understand our culture in the states has it’s own fare share of things we “like” in which you might scratch your head at. That’s how sovereignty works, in a sense. Having said, I need to know, what’s up with all these dating sims?

AKB1/153 Love Election
Welcome to "The Easy Way Out".

I’m well aware that dating is hard work, and in today’s age, difficult to do due to the superficial environment most developed countries are currently under, but… Wouldn’t it be fun to go on a real date? I’m not sure if the thought is nerve wrecking to some out there (Japanese or otherwise), but listen, and listen well: It’s okay to be rejected. In fact, it’s part of life. How many times have you been booted out of a multiplayer game, for no apparent reason? Same logic. You’re not a loser cause she said no to a date, you’re a loser, cause, well, you’re a loser (and putting down your controller won’t change that fact).  See, dating, in a sense, is a game. You need to play it if you want to post a score.

Let’s not get it twisted. This isn’t the “stop playing games and get a life” some have heard their entire lives. Oh, on the contrary, play on, play lots.  It’s more like this: poking on that anime chick with your stylus is not getting you anywhere near your goal. Get out into the field gentlemen (assuming the main purchasers are males). You’re really not learning much here in terms of how women really work.

Or does it?

I suppose this is one of the big mysteries in life. I could never speak for this particular culture, but I can in fact say, I’m pretty sure this genre of games could in no way prepare you for the wrath of a female. Believe me fellas, most women here in the USA do NOT want to be poked. Hell, I already see Code Pink alongside of a midnight launch for such a game ruining your fun if anyone dares to even try to make a marketable push for this genre in the states. I almost want to assume this is the case in Japan, however, I dare not put the cart before the horse. What does shock me, is that there’s still a market for these games.

I must say though, you keep it classy, Japan.

When you go in, you GO IN. You craft something functional, albeit eerie. While you all get dating sims, we’re stuck with crap like this. This proves a very valid point; the more different we are, the more we all seem to be alike. This isn’t to say that our obscurity matches yours. This is however, a good opportunity to note the same problem that could occur the instance domestic developers figure out what makes these Japanese dating sims so magnetic. Which, come to think of it, strikes me as odd, as these cheesy developers who create these “manly man” games have not stopped to study their superior predecessors (perhaps we should be thankful that this has not occurred).

AKB1/153 Love Election
Grab somebody sexy, tell em HEY!!!

It’s all good though Japan. You keep doing what you do. Have fun. Spend hours playing, but please, please remember: women can be just as fun, and just as hard as games. Get your level up, and instead of showing off your virtual lover, show her your almighty hand/eye coordination when you bust out a perfect run of Ikaruga.

Trust me, she’ll like it.


As noted before, I’ve been in the land of Pandora since midnight Tuesday. It’s been a fun ride so far, made particularly more fun by the array of customization now available on character skins (what can I say, it’s the small things in life that stir me). Just about everything else is on hold, and that’s how every day 1 purchase of a game should be.

The initial rust was fun to experience, but once the VGP got rolling, we managed to do some damage.

As expected.

– Onward

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